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Plenty of people can build websites – but we build strategic, engaging windows into your business. Great web design instantly reinforces credibility, communicates effective messages to the right audiences, and ultimately converts visitors into customers. Your website might be working, but is it working for you?

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a relatively new programming concept that was created in an effort to get rid of the need for two separate versions of your website – one for “mobile” devices (smartphones and tablets) and one for “desktop” devices like laptops and larger screens.

Having two separate versions of your site can create a number of problems, requires extra labor, and can be detrimental to your ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. Responsive web design takes care of that problem using media queries – that means your website automatically detects the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on and serves up the best possible viewing experience for that device. Whether your next potential customer is using an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or their computer at work to view your site, they’re guaranteed to have a great experience.

How important is a good website?

Imagine this… You’re walking down the street in a town you just moved to, desperate to find a new place to get lunch. You pass a sandwich shop and decide to try your luck. You open the door, and lose your appetite before getting to the counter. The fry cook is smoking a cigarette while he cooks an overdone hamburger on a greasy skillet. As you look around for a menu, you see a bag of chips that expired two years ago. You turn around and leave.

Nobody smokes indoors anymore (hopefully), but you get the idea — and this scenario occurs online every day. If visitors to your website are turned off by poor aesthetics and outdated information, They’re likely to move on quickly and find a competitor with a more compelling site.

We design visually engaging websites that reinforce your credibility to potential customers online. How? Using best practices, research, and collaboration, we create pages that drive conversions and turn wary visitors into high-quality leads.

Going beyond the build

Don’t feel like managing your website content, changing information and dealing with the routine of keeping a website updated? StriveLocal has you covered! We offer several website maintenance plans that are made to fit any budget – so you can focus on running your business while we focus on running your website

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